Hubbub brings together the social media of local groups and businesses

and shares their posts with the whole community

PLUS everything goes in a web stream for people who aren’t on social media






We share fresh Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts every day from recognized local groups and businesses, not personal accounts. We preview every post before we share. People know they can visit us safely.
Navigate to your local Hubbub web stream at www.hubbub.ca and click to open any post.
Easy: we do it for you. Contact us with your social media coordinates and we’ll follow you. We’ll check your timelines regularly and share new updates.
We share one post a week from your business, group or organization profile.
Our local admins usually share updates during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. We like them to take a break on weekends and statutory holidays.
Here’s a simple way to make sure we share the updates you want us to, right away.

On Facebook, tag our Facebook page in a comment on the post you’d like us to share, like this: @ Your Local Hubbub (for example, @ Mountain View Hubbub). Select your local Hubbub from the drop down list that appears. Publish the comment. We’ll be notified and we’ll share your post.

On Twitter, tag us in your photo, or reply to your own tweet and @mention us in the reply: for example, @hubinthemiddle for Hubbub in the Middle. We’ll get a notification and we’ll re-tweet your tweet.

On Instagram, tag us in your caption or in a comment: for example, @hubinthemiddle for Hubbub in the Middle. We’ll get a notification and we’ll regram your photo.

We can help you make your event a success by scheduling it to appear several times on Hubbub prior to the date. Message your local Hubbub with a link to your Facebook event, or @mention your local Hubbub in a tweet about your event.
There’s a good chance we can keep an eye on your event #hashtag and re-tweet your tweets, even if it’s an evening or weekend. Contact us with the details and we’ll tee it up.